5 Thesis Statements// What is this writing thing, again?

Pastoral Mode:


Retreat and Return, traditionally nostalgic

Some sort of transformation occurs from the return


Little red riding hood pastoral 

Old form and it’s pushing the boundaries in the technology


What knowledge are we bringing back with us from the journey




Amazingly, I deleted the other 3. 

  1. The pastoral has engaged with notions of retreat from and return to society. In fairytales and pastoral narratives, the wilderness has been a “dangerous” and unwelcoming realm for females. This is due to society and culture’s surveilling and policing of women. However, in my project, the retreat or journey into the wilderness returns to the lone female traveller (with the aid of a surveilling drone) a sense of freedom and transformation as a result of communion with nature.  (Surveillance of nature, surveillance of property in nature) ingestible Alison Birtch 


  1. Traditionally, women have been apprehensive about venturing on their own into the wilderness; though these feelings may or may not have spawned directly from their own fears but rather from outside impetus, i/e one’s loved ones, or even society in general. Is there a device available to ease these trepidations?  (Is there a 



Fluid free thing that cannot be imprisoned. Nature our nature we are natural human beings

What knowledge is gained from the retreat: Freedom? Only meant for men?




retreat and return 


Technology never wholly good nor bad 

Women need to be policed 

The world is 

Renewed sense of gender