All Materials Relating to Thesis Abstract

attempt i: The purpose of this thesis is to expose the stereotype that women are less, or even, ill-equipped to experience nature, alone. This project will seek to answer the question of what would ease the fear surrounding lone, female adventurers. i will explore what it would mean to send surveillance with the adventurer, particularly choosing to focus on drone technologies. Through speculative fiction, i will navigate the possible results of this experiment. 


attempt ii: Women are discouraged from exploring nature alone. I have found this to be true from personal experience, dialogue with fellow female athletes, and through popular media. This is caused by several factors: the current cultural climate, statistics involving rape and murder, lack of education, and societal stereotypes, among others. There are many ways to address these fears, however, I will be focusing specifically on how surveillance would aid, hinder, or do nothing to protect female explorers. 

I aim to develop a speculative fiction illustrating the outcomes of how this type of surveillance affects a female traveler. From this, I hope to reveal how this device would change the way society views the act of traveling by one's self, if at all. 


here’s the issue

here’s why she knows about it

here are some theories, fear other things knowledge education cultural norms pressures, news today, raped and murdered here are some reasons why women might be discouraged from adventuring alone

how you will evaluate these factors that may contribute/ cause/ co-occur from independent exploration, there are many ways to approach this, but for this exercise i am going to look at it through this specific way

to approach this question of what are the factors, i am going to approach it by a. b. and c. the technology itself adds another factor, 

how i’m going to answer the question, the limitations of the design

this is the way i’m going to look at it and explore it, these are the possible conclusions

illustration of this idea, 

looking at the technology and how it would be a factor

variable in the situation, how the technology is factored in, 

one it’s a variable and one it kind of isn’t a variable, eye of god, 

modifies behavior vs. not modifying behavior